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We manufacture only the highest quality springs. Northwest Spring uses over 4 decades of experience and our outstanding company culture to bring you amazing quality. Northwest Spring Manufacturing is ISO-9001:2015 certified with TÜV Rheinland of North America.

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Compression Springs

Compression springs are manufactured from .006” to .148” diameter wire in a wide variety of materials. Our conventional and CNC spring making machines are equipped to coil and monitor the quality of each spring during production. Compression springs can be manufactured up to 3 inches in diameter and almost any length.

Both In-line conveyors and stationary ovens for stress relieving are utilized, depending on the need. We can employ techniques to minimize or eliminate tangling, as necessary, in most cases.

Compression springs can be manufactured with or without ground ends for better seating within valves and other applications.

Extension Springs

Extension Springs are manufactured from .006” up to .148” diameter wire to almost any length.  They are available in a variety of end loop configurations including Full Loop, Open Loop, Side Loop, Machine loop, Crossover loop, Extended loop, and others as required. Springs are manufactured from a wide variety of material. Typically, Music Wire or Stainless Steel are most often used, however, other materials and finishes are available as required by the application.

Torsion Springs

Torsion Springs are available in wire diameter sizes from .006” up to .148”. Straight ends of any length and specially shaped ends are manufacturable to meet your special requirements. Springs are manufactured from a wide variety of material. Special plating and finishes can also be provided as needed. The Helix of these coils can be wound for either left-hand or right-hand operation.

Wire Forming

Our CNC Machines can produce wire forms in a multitude of designs without the requirements for expensive tooling. The machines are computer programmed for ease of set-up and precision manufacturing.  Since wire forms are unique in shape and design, our Engineering Dept. can assist you in finding a design that works for you.

Flat Blank Forming

In many applications, the quantity of parts required does not justify the high expense of building tooling for a machine shop to stamp out parts at a high rate of production.  For such parts, it is more cost effective to have flat blanks chemically etched or laser cut and formed on a kick press.  If your “stamped parts” production requirements are less than 10,000 pieces, you should evaluate this as a possible option.


Springs are often overlooked in the initial design phases of a project and can result in spring designs that are difficult and expensive to manufacture or that don’t function well in the final product.  Let our knowledgeable team assist you in the design and prototyping process.  Our experienced spring engineers can provide valuable suggestions in spring design, function, and manufacturing that could save you both time and money and our short order process is designed to provide quick turn parts without disrupting normal production schedules. Both automated machines and hand winding equipment are utilized to ensure rapid response to need while keeping costs to a minimum.